Payroll Control Center

Author: Daniel Richards | SAP HR Team Lead and Senior HR Consultant EPI-USE America

For companies of all shapes and sizes, the cost of payroll is often the single largest line item on the profit and loss statement. The payroll process is also frequently the only regular guaranteed touchpoint between an employer and its employees which necessitates timely and efficient payroll processes that minimize potential errors and maximizes regulatory compliance and employee satisfaction.

SAP recently overhauled its long-established payroll process bringing many advantages to organizations with the introduction of the three-click payroll as part of the larger payroll control center (PCC) delivery, which is available to both on-Premise (oP) and Employee Central Payroll (ECP) clients. The trend is moving away from the batch-style processing to a continuous, pro-active and task driven payroll process with consolidated real-time monitoring of payroll exceptions (also called validations or policies) with embedded analytics in a consumer-grade intuitive user interface. Gone are the days where the payroll administrators must spend significant time digging through countless error logs, spools, reports, diverse check tools, and often creating Excel lookups to find any payroll related errors. The PCC will push the errors in real-time to the payroll managers, who can in assign the errors to the payroll administrators in a flexible way who in turn investigate and resolve the errors, all of this with a full electronic audit trail.

This second report in our ‘In Pursuit of Value’ series examines at a high level, this payroll control center solution from SAP and the impact on organizations and more specifically the audit and payroll departments. It deals with a wide range of general considerations and then examines in a greater level of detail, some of the features, benefits and steps to get there and how the EPI-USE accelerator makes this possible.